9 Little Changes that Save Big in Your Electrical Bills.

1.  Check with your local energy providers about rebates and tax credits to offset costs of installing energy efficient appliances and systems.

2.  Lighting makes up 8.8-11% of electric usage in homes. Switch to LEDs many of them are capable of full spectrum and extremely long lasting. 2. Use power saver strips and unplug appliances when not in use.

3. Refrigeration is 13% of home energy use. Older models are a big drain. Rebates exist or replacement and the money saved on your monthly bill reduces payback time. Set the temperature for 37F and try to keep it well stocked because it takes more energy to cool an empty unit.

4. Water heating makes up 9% of our bills. To reduce costs, lower the temperature on your water heater to 120%F and if you’re going away for periods of time , shut it off completely.

5. Heating and cooling account for 10% of your electric bills. Tightening the envelope of your home with insulation and weather-stripping efficiently works in both directions. Rebates and tax credits are available for this. In winter reduce your thermostat and dress warmer.

6. For summer, invest in ceiling fans, also with rebates. Air conditioning is 16% of home electric bills

If you use a dishwasher, always ensure you’re washing a full load. By allowing your dishes to air dry, you will save money.

7. Avoid washing with hot water. Instead, wash clothes on warm or cold and rinse using cold. Clothes dryers use 6%, air dry when you can, clothes last longer and smell sweeter. Use your washer/dryer during low demand times and save money;

8. Is your home running efficiently? Do an energy audit.

9. Lighting controls save money. lnstall occupancy and motion sensors receive rebates. Timers and dimmers help you use only the energy you need.